Welcome to Save the World with Code: 20 Fun Projects for All Ages Using Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, and Circuit Playground Express

This website is to accompany the book of the same name. You can buy the book on Amazon around the world. In the UK it’s available in Waterstones and Amazon

Pimoroni have also created a list for you to easily buy all of the items needed for this project: https://shop.pimoroni.com/collections/save-the-world-with-code

Answers to challenges in the book will appear on this website over time. Scroll down to find out more about me and how to get in touch

About Me

I’m Lorraine Underwood, author of this website and book. I am from Ireland but live in the UK with my husband and our two boys. We live in the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire

As well as a mum and a wife, I have many many hats! I am a Senior Teaching Associate at Lancaster University. I teach on the minor in Creative and Applied Computing. It’s a really exciting area, teaching computing skills to non-computing undergraduates. Learn more about it here: https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/scc/study/institute-of-coding/

I love to make things! The picture above is my biggest make: a metre sized cube of light up ping pong balls! Each light could be individually controlled so I made games like snake and pong that people could play on the cube. It had 512 LEDs on it and would take 90 minutes to assemble. I called it Cubert 🙂

Cubert and all my other makes are on my blog: http://lorraine.mcunderwood.org Including the journey my husband and I are currently taking to enter PiWars – a non combative robot competition in Cambridge in the UK in March 2020