Circuit Playground Express

The Circuit Playground Express has my favourite thing on the board: shiny lights! The ability to control individual lights, to change them to any colour is the inspiration to a lot of my builds.

The Circuit Playground Express is featured in every mission except mission 6.

I had the pleasure of meeting Limor and her husband Phillip at the home of the Circuit Playground Express: Adafruit in New York. Adafruit works endlessly to bring electronics to the masses. Their website is full of helpful tutorials and a forum for further help. You can buy everything you need for this book there too!

Mission 1 Zombie Detector
Mission 2 Zombie Escape Sign
Mission 3 Light Sensor
Mission 4 Light Up Backpack
Mission 5 Light-Up Attack Sword

Mission 7 Name Badge
Mission 8 Door Sensor
Mission 9 Sword Lock
Mission 10 Cookie Jar Protector
Mission 11 Number Lock
Mission 12 Mobile Alarm
Mission 13 Floor Mat
Mission 14 Treasure Box

Mission 15 Step Counter
Mission 16 Bike Indicator
Mission 17 Moisture Sensor
Mission 18 Temperature Monitor
Mission 19 Temperature Alarm
Mission 20 Window Alarm